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  • Mackay: 68 Sydney Street
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If you don’t live close to one of our clinics and you would like a consultation for integrative medicine/ naturopathy, we have a solution.

Our practitioners conduct online video or phone consultations daily. It is a great way for patients to access our services no matter where you are.

Appointments can be made by calling our head office or clicking on the link below.

The following services can be conducted remotely, by posting you the referral or test kit for you to collect the sample of stool, hair, saliva or urine (depending on the test):

  • Heavy Metal Testing (full panel of toxic metals inc. Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminium)

  • Salivary Hormone Testing (male/female hormones, stress hormone, fertility, menopause, cancer)

  • Comprehensive Stool analysis (parasitic/ bacterial infections, SIBO, probiotic count, enzymes, medicine pathogen sensitivity)

  • Hair Mineral Analysis (Minerals inc. calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and toxic elements)

  • Acid Alkaline Testing (pH)

  • Blood Pathology (through your local pathology – full blood count, liver function, PSA, hormones, iron, B12, Folate, etc.)

*Please note, Food Intolerance Testing, Live Blood Analysis and Instant Blood testing must be done on-site, within a face-to-face consultation from our Whitsunday, Sydney or pop-up clinics.