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We are located on Stewart Drive opposite Master Butchers Whitsundays. Our address is:

Shop 4/ 163 Shute Harbour Road


Qld 4802

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Yes we have many out of town patients who we have consults with via telephone or Skype. Our naturopath Rowena will conduct the consult to address your health concerns and if required we can post your supplements to you.

You do not need to make any changes to your daily routine before seeing the naturopath. However, it would be helpful for you to bring in all medications and/or supplements you are currently taking.

Homeopathy is a scientific system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself by giving a person diluted amounts of a substance. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease.

For many people, improvement is obvious when their symptoms begin to diminish. For others, signs of improvement can be subtle. Some signs will include feeling at ease, improved energy, improved motivation and a greater sense of general well-being

Please see our pricing page for all costs and eligibility for health fund rebates.

We understand that in our busy lifestyles, things come up and can interfere with appointments. If you find you have other obligations after making an appointment, please let us know at your earliest convenience and we can re-schedule for a more suitable time.

Any suggestions and/or comments to improve our services are appreciated. If you are unhappy with any aspect of care, please speak to a member of the Kissun Clinics team so that the problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently. If you would like to leave a review on our Facebook page, you can go to http://www.facebook.com/kissunclinics and click on “Reviews”.

Yes. To ensure that there are enough seats and supplies for everyone, please let reception know if you wish to attend an upcoming seminar.

Yes. If you require something from the Kissun Clinics and are unable to pick it up, we can post it to you after payment of item(s) + postage.

Yes. If you ask one of our friendly staff, they will show you where to go.


Acupuncture is a 3,000 year old Chinese system of medicine which is concerned with restoring proper flow of electricity or energy to the various organs, glands, pathways and tissues of the body on the premise that most illnesses are the result of malfunction due to disrupted electrical flow.

Acupuncture is generally safe for most people when performed by a qualified, licensed and registered Acupuncturist.  Strict aseptic procedures are followed ensuring clean and hygienic standards of practice, and all Acupuncture needles are single use and disposed of appropriately.

Acupuncture should not be painful as such. Needles are hair thin, solid, sterile, and are inserted shallowly into the skin. Approximately 10 acupuncture needles can fit into a hollow hypodermic needle used for injections and taking blood.  Acupuncture needles vary in size depending on the condition and the area of the body being treated. Some people have described the sensation of Acupuncture needle insertion to be like a slight pinch or mosquito bite and then perhaps a gentle feeling of warmth, numbness, slight tingling or some feeling nothing at all.  Overall treatments can be very relaxing and it’s quite natural to fall asleep during your session.

Every body is different. If two people come in with a similar complaint, each will receive a different treatment plan and recommended frequency of visits. Generally, three treatment sessions over three weeks in the beginning will determine how you’re responding, and the frequency of sessions required from there on will be discussed.  In most cases appointments are spread out to fortnightly sessions and general maintenance of health usually allows for monthly visits.

Yes, acupuncture treatments can be given in tandem with prescription and over the counter medicines. I can work as a team with any of your providers such as your general physician, physio or mental health counsellor. This creates a team approach to your healing and looks at health from all perspectives.

Yes! You can rest assured that Australian registered and licensed Acupuncturists have completed the minimum 4 years of required Acupuncture training and not having only done a weekend course in Acupuncture styles of needling. The Australian Health Practitioners Agency (AHPRA) sets standards and policies that all acupuncturists must meet in order to practice Chinese Medicine. Check whether a practitioner is registered with AHPRA’s Register of Practitioners and always enquire whether your practitioner has a full degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Allow 90mins for your first acupuncture visit which consists of an initial consultation and the treatment, upon which a thorough medical history is taken. Ample time is allowed for you to explain your health concerns and goals. A report of findings regarding your health condition is discussed and a recommendation is made regarding the length and frequency of your treatment. Everything will be thoroughly explained so you know what to expect at any time, and you can relax while the needles remain in your body for about 20mins.  You can expect a very relaxing environment with burning candles, essential oils, dim light, calming music and maybe massage… it’s quite natural should you fall asleep. To conclude the session you may be provided with professional advice or home care instructions.  Try to allow some down time after the session to benefit your results, as you may feel quite relaxed or sleepy.