• Cannonvale: Shop 4, 163 Shute Harbour Rd
  • 07 4946 7910

We have two locations available for appointments and Drip IV

Our headquarters are located on Stewart Drive opposite Master Butchers Whitsundays. The address is;
Shop 4/163 Shute Harbour Road
Cannonvale QLD 4802

Our second location is located at;
68 Sydney Street
Mackay QLD 4740

Yes! We have many out of town patients who we can consult via telephone or via a secure video link. As per a standard consultation we can use these methods to address your health concerns and if required we can post supplements to you, or help you become set up with an online account where you can order your own supplement repeats.

You do not need to make any changes to your daily routine before seeing your naturopath. However prior to your appointment you will be booked in for an induction phone call, during this phone call we will collect basic information about your current concerns, daily habits and any medications or supplements you may be taking. You may be asked to obtain pathology testing before you arrive at your appointment. This process means that your practitioner has the most up-to-date information about your circumstances and we can best meet your health needs on the day of your appointment.

For many people, improvement is obvious when their symptoms begin to diminish. For others, signs of improvement can be subtle. We use pathology results and medical testing to determine a measurable improvement in our clients. You may also notice signs such as feeling more at ease, improved sleep, improved energy & motivation and a greater sense of well-being.

This will vary from person to person. Along with your consultation fee you might need to account for a prescription of supplements or Drip IV. Please see our pricing page for all costs and eligibility for health fund rebates.

We understand that in our busy lives, things come up and can interfere with appointments. If you find you have other obligations after making an appointment please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule you for a more suitable time.

Not always. In some cases your practitioner may request a follow-up appointment to measure the outcome of your treatment. In some cases an ongoing supplement protocol will not require an appointment. Should you run out of supplements and are unable to visit the clinic to repurchase, we can post supplements to you, or help you become set up with an online account where you can order your own supplement repeats.

Yes! Our team of experienced medical professionals are listening to your individual concerns and are prescribing what is appropriate for you. Drip IV’s are administered by a nurse who will monitor your treatment and keep you informed through the whole process.

As cliche as it might sound, all you need to do pre-treatment is drink plenty of water. During your infusion you will be given a handout owth information for post-infusion care, explaining the easy follow up steps to get the most out of your treatment.

Again this is variable from person to person and how ’empty your tank’ was before receiving the infusion. Results will also vary on your reasons for wanting an infusion, and whether you are simply wanting a ‘pick me up/health boost’ or whether you are treating chronic illness.

Any suggestions and/or comments that will help us improve our services are always appreciated. If you are unhappy with any aspect of care, please speak to a member of the Kissun Clinics team so that we can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. If you would like to leave a review on our Facebook page, you can go to http://facebook.com/kissunclinics and click on ‘Reviews’.