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What is Clinical Naturopathy?

Clinical Naturopathy is a system of medicine which uses consultation, blood testing and treatment with prescription herbal medicines to combat disease or an unwell feeling stemming from any part of the body. It uses scientifically validated treatment and can only be performed by University qualified, accredited practitioners.

A Naturopath sees treats your body as a “whole”. Someone with a sleeping issue may also have hormonal imbalances and fatigue. It’s all connected. Rather than treat each symptom individually, a Clinical Naturopath aims to treat the most concerning areas and naturally the other symptoms clear up.

Our goal and our promise to you:

We endeavour to identify the issue within your first consult and treat it immediately with as little medicine as possible and lots of nutritional advice, so that your problems are solved in as few consultations as possible and a maintenance plan put in place so that you LEARN how the problem arose and KNOW how to take care of yourself in the future.

What qualifications will my Clinical Naturopath hold?

Your Clinical Naturopath at Kissun Clinics will hold both Medical and Naturopathic tertiary qualifications. Registration with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, TGA Exemption Certificate, qualifications in Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy are a must and referrals from local doctors for fertility health, weight loss and fatigue are common.

 What kind of testing do I need?

Leave this decision up to your Clinical Naturopath. Testing is only done if the results are required to gain a clearer insight into your health concern. With over 25 different types of blood, urine and saliva testing, it is best to consult your Clinical Naturopath on what is appropriate for you unless a referral has been provided by your doctor, osteopath, diabetic nurse or approved health care practitioner.
Our comprehensive menu of pathology testing (in-house and off-site) includes:

  • Live Blood Analysis

  • Food Intolerance Blood Testing

  • Cortisol (Stress/ Adrenal) salivary hormone testing

  • Fertility hormone testing (saliva and blood)

  • Pyrrole testing

  • MTHFR genetic testing

  • Cancer Antigen Marker testing

  • Men’s health checks including blood testing for prostate, testosterone,cholesterol and inflammation

  • Hair Mineral Analysis for Heavy Metals

  • Aspergers profile testing including B9, B12, Pyrrole and genetic MTHFR

  • Fertility profile including egg count (AMH), female hormones and thyroid