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Our team consists of Naturopaths, Pharmacists, sports nutritionists, medical consultants and other experienced practitioners who have emphasised their attention to detail and ingredient choice which is visible in the Kissun Pharmaceuticals range. All products undergo strict evaluation and testing so that the patient receives full benefits from the product.

Kissun Pharmaceuticals employs staff from a diverse range of backgrounds, majority are health professionals. Kissun Pharmaceuticals offers quality natural health solutions. Their products fulfill stringent GMP & TGA quality control standards. The brand is only available as a practitioner only supplement worldwide maintaining our dedication to practitioners.


Metagenics (Healthworld) is an Australian company based in Brisbane and is the largest practitioner only supplement supplier to Australia and New Zealand. Metagenics has invested in cutting edge manufacturing technology to ensure only the highest quality for it’s practitioners and customers.


Biomedica is also an Australian company developed by practitioners for practitioners that is committed to the research and development of high quality supplements.


Our personally curated collection of supplements is available to shop online at Ceuticals Plus. Our range includes practitioner only supplements that are only available to our clinic patients. You must register with us to access this range.