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Food intolerance testing is conducted by an experienced naturopath or nutritionist. A pinprick blood sample is collected from the finger and is interacted against 46 different foods. We can tell you if you have a mild, medium or strong reaction to these foods. We test for yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, legumes, eggs, nuts and many more! You will have your results on the same day.

It is well known that certain foods can affect different functions of the body, both physical and mental. Less than 2% of the population suffers food allergies, however up to 45% suffer from food intolerance. It can take some time for symptoms to occur after food is consumed, sometimes up to 3 days later, and can last for weeks. This can make it difficult to pinpoint a reactive food. Symptoms can be caused by enzyme deficiency or chemical sensitivity, or due to an inappropriate immune response to particular foods.

If the immune system is overwhelmed or overworked from eating foods you are intolerant to, complexes can accumulate in places e.g. joints, digestive tract & produce symptoms of food intolerance.

For example:

  • Respiratory e.g. asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis

  • Musculoskeletal e.g. arthritis, joint pains, aching/weak muscles

  • Gastrointestinal e.g. vomiting, bloating/cramping, excessive wind, water retention, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, weight control issues and colic.

  • Central nervous system e.g. migraine, headache, impaired concentration, mood and behavioural changes, depression, anxiety, fatigue & hyperactivity

  • Skin problems e.g. urticarial, atopic dermatitis, eczema, itchy skin and other rashes

Using the information obtained from your food intolerance test you can change your eating patterns accordingly to better suit your body for improved health! You should speak to your health care professional about possible elimination of the culprit foods. Your Naturopath can educate you on appropriate substitutes for your reactive food and assist you in maintaining healthy, balanced diet.