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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of liquid herbal medicine! Here at Kissun Clinics we are strong believers in the wonderful healing properties of liquid herbal medicines and may prescribe them to our clients as a tool in their treatment.

Liquid herbs are sourced from all around the world. The manufactures have many strict, multi-level tests which the herbs need to pass and exceed before being sourced and utilised for manufacturing of liquid herbs. There is no heat used to extract the raw material. This is to keep the integrity of the phytochemical profile.

There are numerous benefits to using liquid herbs as part of your treatment, however the four most prominent benefits are:

  • Freshness – liquid herbs retain their medicinal properties longer than capsules or tablets

  • Potency – there is a full spectrum of highly absorbed plant medicines within liquid herbs

  • Absorption – liquid herbs contain no fillers, binders or any extra ingredients therefore they do not need to be broken down or digested. This mean they enter the bloodstream rapidly, are quickly absorbed and start working within minutes. The body utilises about 98% of the liquid herb itself in comparison to approximately 50% of tablets or capsules

  • Formulation – a combination of herbs works better than a single one on its own. Each herb is unique in the way it supports specific body systems and complements the actions of other herbs, therefore offering ‘complete healing’.

Your Naturopath has picked specific herbs for you, a recipe that is tailor made for you individual needs, therefore your mix must never be shared with others.

Liquid herbs are best taken with half a glass of water or juice and come in either a 200mL or 500mL bottle.

When you’re close to finishing your bottle, just give the friendly staff a call to organise a refill and it will be ready for your collection.