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Your hormones play a fundamental role in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you are suffering from a hormonal imbalances, you may have symptoms such as heavy periods, fatigue, acne, irregular menstrual cycle, gut issues, weight problems and migraines.

Kissun Clinics Naturopath’s are experienced specifically in women’s health and can use a variety of methods to bring your body back to balance naturally, including natural medicines and herbs, lifestyle advice, and nutrition.

Our practitioners can support you to transition off the contraceptive pill safely and effectively, to alleviate post-pill symptoms and rebalance your hormones. They will educate you to understand your menstrual cycle and natural contraception methods, so that you can work with your body’s rhythm when considering your lifestyle commitments, and to either avoid or encourage pregnancy.

When it comes to family planning, it is important to understand that IT TAKES TWO. The health and quality of both the sperm and egg should be considered. That’s why we offer “couples” appointments where our Naturopath can discuss and treat the health of both prospective partners, to work towards a successful and healthy pregnancy, birth, and afterwards as you progress into the new world of parenthood. Click the Group Sessions tab on the Appointments page to book your couples fertility appointment.

We can also support your journey through IVF and IUI with integrated pathology including D.U.T.C.H testing, hormonal profiling, gut microbiome mapping and gene testing (MTHFR).