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Kissun Clinic’s primary aim is to provide you, the patient, with scientifically validated treatments, advice and supplements to bring about good health in the Whitsunday community. We are the only natural health clinic in the area able to provide you with a diverse range of prescription only natural products which we source from Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. We are able to offer you consultations in a number of different modalities including;

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Natural Health News

    • FEBRUARY 2, 2023
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    Had a gutful of your gut

    Had a gutful of your gut

    Have you tried several restrictive diets to help your gut symptoms?Have you got to the point that you feel ‘every food’ affects your gut?
    Thinking of getting a ‘food allergy test’ to find what foods you are reacting to? Maybe you have SIBO.  And instead of blaming food you should point a finger at your gut and its inhabitants!

    • JANUARY 28, 2023
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    Is your ‘Hormonal Orchestra’ tuneful or tone deaf?

    Is your ‘Hormonal Orchestra’ tuneful or tone deaf?

    Your hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, dihydrotestosterone (DHEA), thyroxine and their interactions are responding not only to each other but are moderated by our lifestyles and significantly impacted by stress.

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