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Welcome to Kissun Clinics Whitsundays

Kissun Clinic’s primary aim is to provide you, the patient, with scientifically validated treatments, advice and supplements to bring about good health in the Whitsunday community. We are the only natural health clinic in the area able to provide you with a diverse range of prescription only natural products which we source from not only Australia but also Canada, USA and New Zealand.

We are able to offer you consultations in a number of different modalities such as naturopathy, nutrition, osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy. This means we have different ‘styles’ of medicine we can use to treat your health concerns and have the freedom to choose what suits you best.

Latest News & Articles

  • Give yourself the power to do anything with limitless energy

    Give yourself the power to do anything with limitless energy

    Limitless energy – wouldn’t that be nice! Here we show you the steps to take to help you achieve this, and start living a life with abundant energy.

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  • Are you Triathlon ready?

    Are you Triathlon ready?

    As locals and triathletes look forward to the upcoming Airlie Beach Triathlon Festival, one question springs to mind: Did you know Osteopathy can help you get triathlon ready?

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  • Gluten Free – How Do I Do It?

    Gluten Free – How Do I Do It?

    So you’ve been told by your Naturopath to reduce your intake of gluten. This includes bread, pies, cakes, scones, muffins….. many people benefit from consuming less gluten in their diet. It can reduce bloating, help us lose weight, increase energy levels and help with constipation and diarrhoea. The health food section of Coles and Woolworths

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  • Bread – Healthy Or Unhealthy

    Bread – Healthy Or Unhealthy

    Bread has changed so much over the past 50 years and it no longer contains the amount of vitamins and minerals it once did. These days we seem to use bread as a stomach filler, or something to put peanut butter or jam on for a quick breakfast. It’s just so easy. Toast for breakfast,

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  • How’s your kidneys?

    How’s your kidneys?

    Our kidneys are responsible for removing waste products from our blood. They also assist in balancing the levels of minerals in our body.

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  • Been indulging of late?

    Been indulging of late?

    See what our nutritionist Sarah has to say and the amazing work she’s been doing helping clients with weight loss!

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  • Rowena completely turned my life around. I am feeling 100% better since omitting the foods that were identified through the food intolerance blood test.... read more

    Jade Hunt Avatar
    Jade Hunt

    Rowena and the team have been amazing at getting to the bottom of my daughters health issues. I highly recommend them.

    Sam Mentiplay Avatar
    Sam Mentiplay

    Professional staff who are so helpful and genuinely caring. Can not be more grateful to Dr Joanna Addy, Osteopath, who was able to provide me... read more

    Rebecca Stredwick Avatar
    Rebecca Stredwick
  • Thank you Francesca!! I've suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. Each month I'd have 3-4 days where the pain would render... read more

    Amanda Jackson Avatar
    Amanda Jackson

    I have been lucky enough to have had a few calls with Rowena as I live in Melbourne. She has such a comforting way about... read more

    Gabriella Armondo Avatar
    Gabriella Armondo

    Life Changing! I have spent many years thinking I suffered from a sore back. After having a food intolerance test with Rowena we discovered I... read more

    Melissa Hayes Avatar
    Melissa Hayes
  • Suffering from arthritis and in constant pain and taking all sorts of pain killers only to find Rowena's elixirs fix the problem. Thanks for your... read more

    Karen Cable Avatar
    Karen Cable

    I have suffered from neck and shoulder discomfort for as long as I can remember as a result of a car accident many years ago.... read more

    Jade Lee Korosec Avatar
    Jade Lee Korosec

    I have not been able to speak of my experience until now cause i couldn't talk about it and now i can i want... read more

    Lisell Bellinger Avatar
    Lisell Bellinger
  • Have seen both Francesca and Rowena for different issues, and both are amazing! They compliment each other so well. Francesca fixed my knee with one... read more

    Tarnia Patton Avatar
    Tarnia Patton

    If you have fertility issues or endometriosis issues I can not recommend seeing Rowena enough. 7 laparoscopies, unknown number of doctors and specialist, so many... read more

    Krissy Frankie Riley Avatar
    Krissy Frankie Riley

    The ultimate in natural health, a fantastic team of consummate professionals. Divine Acupuncturist, awesome Osteopath, gifted Naturopaths providing all manner of ways to enhance and... read more

    Amber Schultz Avatar
    Amber Schultz