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Integrative Oncology Solutions

At Kissun Clinics we give our cancer patients support based on solid scientific nutritional protocols employing much of the research and direct advice from our sister clinics in Germany, Thailand and Mexico. With Oncologists working directly with our team, and formulating tailor-made protocols specific to your type of cancer, our treatments are overseen by medical personnel and facilitated in our clinics in Australia (Whitsundays/ Mackay/ Sydney) or overseas.

Some of the treatment protocols available include:

  • Insulin Potentiated Therapy with low dose chemotherapy

  • Intravenous Vitamin C / Lipospheric Vitamin C

  • Infusions of Artusenate, Amygdaline / B17 and / or Sodium Selenite

  • Localised Hyperthermia heat treatment

  • Viral Immune Therapyesting

  • Herbal Medicine to enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments with approval from Oncologist

  • Live Blood Analysis and Nutrition to improve cellular health under recommendations from Oncologist incorporating ketogenic, alkaline and sugar free diets that suit the patients lifestyle.

It is important that those with cancer are under the supervision of their Oncologist and qualified natural health practitioner, as opposed to using the internet for advice. Each cancer is different and each patient is different, which is why a tailored plan that suits your body and your cancer is paramount to better health outcomes.

What do the experts have to say?

Learn more about integrative oncology treatments in the following interviews with Dr Abdulla Hossami, Head of Oncology at Verita Life and Kissun Clinics Director and Naturopath Rowena Kissun.

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