Why I Introduced IV Therapy to Kissun Clinics

Being able to provide patients with the most potent forms of medicine has always been a priority to me. While liquid herbs and practitioner only supplements are powerful and have their place in treatment, my chronic disease and oncology patients sometimes require more. 

I had the privilege of working with an integrative oncologist who used intravenous vitamin therapy for such patients. I saw amazing results which I knew I had to bring to my clients here in the Whitsundays.

It took a lot of research, hard work, mountains of paperwork and time, but I am so proud to have brought IV Therapy to my patients here in the Whitsundays, and the results are speaking for themselves. 

Patients can expect increased levels of energy, stronger immunity, improvements to weight and metabolism, better sleep, potent detoxification, improved mental clarity and so much more.

Our oncology patients can now receive high doses of Vitamin C (up to 75gms) which is highly beneficial to the compromised immune system. 

For patients with chronic nervous system disorders the introduction of NAD PLUS at 1500mgms is showing incredible benefits in relation to neuropathy, myalgia, issues with memory & cellular healing.

Treatment plans will vary from patient to patients, some people may require weekly infusions, while others may only need an infusion every few months. The beauty of Drip IV is that it is tailored to each individual’s needs and circumstances and are scripted by medical doctors.

I invite you to take a look at our menu of services or make an appointment.

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