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If you are looking for a place where your health journey can become empowered, energised and positive, then you will have found it when you walk through the doors of Kissun Clinics. Proudly choosing to do things a little differently, this integrative health clinic is fully backed by medical science yet whole-heartedly dedicated to treating the whole person.

Addressing health issues does not need to be clinical, scary and stressful. With Kissun Clinics it can be an uplifting personal experience that leads to an enlightened awareness of your body and what it needs in order to thrive. From chronic diseases to fighting cancer, fatigue and mental fogginess through to aiding quicker recovery times. Whatever your ailment, there is hope.

Now celebrating 15 years in business, Kissun Clinics has expanded from its first location in Cannonvale, to Mackay, Sydney, Narrabri and the Sunshine Coast, helping individuals with personalised treatment plans that have created life changing results.

Rowena Kissun, Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Director of Kissun Clinics set a goal years ago to provide this type of high quality health care for oncology and chronic disease patients.

“I do what I do because every time a new patient walks in my doors, they become part of the Kissun Clinics family,” she said.

“It is an inherent duty of mine to care for them and educate them back to good health or help them cope with the situation at hand. When you walk into my clinic, you will be greeted with a smile, a drink, a friendly puppy and most importantly with an energy of hope – that things can get better.”

A single mum of one, business owner and lover of all things outdoors, Rowena leads an impassioned team of dedicated professionals who strives to provide health care that focuses on figuring out the root cause of the health issue and solving the problem from there.

“In the last few years, people have put a lot more attention on their health, particularly their immune system. Intravenous vitamin therapy, vitamins, diet changes and a focus on our mental health have become the go-to when striving for prevention of illness,” she said.

“I’m excited to be providing the strongest and most effective forms of natural medicine within a medical setting where our staff are trained to understand both allopathic and naturopathic medicine. Offering Intravenous treatments including high doses of NAD+, Vitamin C, Selenium, GABA and amino acids, our patients benefit in so many ways.”

Experience a new and uplifting way of managing your health by booking a consultation with Kissun Clinics and opening your mind to a whole new world of empowered wellness.

Indicated: any mention of Dr online or in print refers to a Dr of Natural Medicine, not a Medical Doctor.

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