What Is Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis allows you to see the state of health of your own live blood cells, directly on a computer monitor.  The blood cells are in direct contact with most of the body and reflect the general health of all of the body tissues.  Unlike standard blood tests, Live Blood Analysis results are available immediately and may reflect changes in health long before other tests will detect them.

Your practitioner can give you immediate feedback on nutritional status including Iron, B12 and folic acid, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and lipotropic nutrients.  Additionally, the function of white blood cells can be assessed and the presence of parasites, yeast and bacterial infections can be observed.  The test also provides information on the effectiveness of your immune system, liver function and digestion.

You will need to provide a drop of blood for the test, which is normally taken from a finger prick with a disposable micro-lancet.  This will then be analysed with our specially designed live blood microscope and displayed on a computer screen for you to see.

Your practitioner will then interpret your results and explain them to you in detail.  You’ll also get an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the process or your results.

Your practitioner will discuss your health goals with you and design a specific health plan to start working on the areas that are out of balance.  Generally this will include dietary and lifestyle advice, plus nutritional and herbal supplements if required.

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