Trust no one with your health

Sounds like a strange thing to say, being a naturopath and all but I mean it. Trust no one. There is no naturopath, doctor, website, dietician or health consultant who will understand your body like you do.

It is unfortunate in this day that so many companies are using the promise of health to sell sub-standard vitamins, oils and potions to the public. Does everyone really need a green protein shake a day?

While working in Sydney over the weekend, I was approached by a very friendly lady at a dinner held after a seminar I was attending. She asked me what I did for work. She then dove in to telling me why I should sell her essential oils, how they are “scientifically proven to fix cancers, arthritis and infectious diseases”.


The thing that stung me the most is when she mentioned what she probably thought would secure the deal… “Rowena, you have the potential to make a lot of money from this”.

My response: “The day I am using financial gain as the reason for prescribing a medicine I am no longer a Clinical Naturopath.” I then started talking about her lovely handbag and made my excuse to move on as quickly as possible!

Let me just say, I’m not doubting that her oils might be a nice product, but please don’t try and convince me that you can cure such serious ailments with an all-purpose bottle of oil you keep in your Hermes handbag.

It is my personal belief that the Blood gives us the answers we need. If a person is deficient in a vitamin or mineral it needs to be tested, rather than buying hundreds of dollars of vitamins and feeling no different. Food needs to be our first source of nutrition, not tablets. Yes, I do prescribe medicines in my clinic, but only to those I have tested or require a specialised formula for a condition. Even these medicines should be short term. Eventually the aim is to see the body heal itself with a good diet, and for many of us this is an achievable option.

So trust no one but your blood. Don’t let the hype get to you. Refuse the idea of a certain medicine, health shake or oil being the answer to everyone’s woes. We are individuals and our body is unique, therefore the prescription must be unique.

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