The Role Of Good Fats In Diabetes Type II

When we think about the word diabetes, most of us commonly think of “too much sugar”, but did you know the problem often arises firstly due to bad fats? Let’s explore this idea a little further.

Diabetes type II is diagnosed when a person has too much glucose (sugar) floating about in their body instead of inside the cells. In a healthy person, when we eat sugar, it goes in to our body, pairs up with insulin and then penetrates into our red blood cells. If we don’t have enough insulin, or if our cells have a layer of bad fat around them, sugar can’t get inside so it floats about on the outside and damages our body. We need to fix this layer of bad fats by consuming less bad fats and more fish oils, nut oils and flaxseed/ linseed.

Insulin is like you best friend who has the spare key to your house and you are sugar. You come home and realise you left your keys at work, insulin will come over and unlock the door so you can get in. Once you (sugar) are in the house (cell) you can make energy.

Diabetes is Australia’s FASTEST GROWING CHRONIC DISEASE and is the 6th leading cause of death in Australia. For some sufferers, genetics and other underlying diseases are the cause, but for most sufferers, Diabetes type II is due to a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle.

Those with diabetes type II must ensure they follow a diet suitable for their condition which a naturopath can put together for them. Many diabetics are on medications but there are a number of health supplements which are vital for the health of diabetic patients and should b taken in conjunction with their pharmaceutical medications.

Take a look at the list of supplements below for those suffering from, or at risk of Diabetes type II.

Omega 3 – Supplementation with Fish Oil (or Flaxseed Oil) will slowly but surely change the lining of our red blood cells. It will allow our bone marrow to produce more cells with a healthy Omega 3 coating. This type of coating will allow glucose to penetrate more freely. This means there will be less glucose circulating outside the blood cell! A dosage of at least 3000mg twice a day of a good quality brand is required.

Sugar Balance – This supplement taken before the two biggest meals of the day is extremely effective n reducing sugar cravings, carb cravings, and regulating our energy throughout the day.

CardiOz – This supplement contains antioxidants and vitamins to help protect the cells. Heart disease affects many of those suffering type II diabetes later on in life, so CardiOz functions as a protection to these types of diseases. CardiOz also contains vitamin E which helps with slow healing wounds, itching skin and infections, which can become a problem in diabetes type II.

Remember: for many sufferers of diabetes type II, the disease can be reversed or improved. Speak to your Naturopath Rowena Kissun about a diet and supplements regime which is easy to follow and conducive to your lifestyle.

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