The Benefits of Practitioner Only Supplements

We understand that there are many so called health products on the market that are available from chemists, supermarkets and health food stores. But do you know what you are really getting  rom those ‘health’ products? Clever marketing and conflicting information can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

At Kissun Clinics we only prescribe strictly practitioner only supplements to support your health. We are committed to upholding the integrity of the highest quality, practitioner only supplements.

So what sets aside practitioner only products from the rest? Here are a few key points:

• Practitioner only products contain key ingredients that are specifically prescribed to you by your practitioner to address your health concerns
• Talk to your practitioner if there are any other specifics that should not be included in your prescription for example any wheat, dairy, nut or animal products
• Practitioner only products are much stronger than any other supplement available in a retail environment. This is because it is prescribed by a qualified practitioner specifically for you. Retail products contain a much lower dosage, therefore you would need to consume a greater amount to attain a therapeutic dosage that you will receive from a single prescription from a practitioner only supplement
• Once you make this comparison you will notice that although prescription only supplements may be a greater initial cost, it works out more financially viable when you compare the quantity of the supplement that is required to receive a therapeutic dosage

The most important thing to remember is that your qualified practitioner will prescribe you with quality practitioner only supplements specifically for you to address your health concerns!

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