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Everyone wants flawless skin. Healthy, radiant skin is a sign of good health, and finding a product that can help you achieve healthy skin can make such a big difference to our confidence.

As an Integrative Medicine Naturopath, I am often asked whether there is something on the ‘inside’ causing the skin to look dull, lifeless or unhealthy. Research now shows us that the health of our liver, bowels and kidneys impact our skin in a big way. Our diet as well as our intake of vitamins and minerals can prevent ageing and the formation of fine lines. Healthy hormone balance helps to prevent dark patches and pigmentation.

Knowing all of this, I put together a potent naturopathic formulation containing a tablet, face wash and cream, which are all manufactured in our plant in Sydney under the strict pharmaceutical quality but all with natural ingredients. My products contain scientifically researched ingredients containing antioxidants, detoxifying herbs and natural medicinal compounds to create flawless, healthy skin from the inside out.