Rachael’s Cancer Journey – Part 2

Three months after her cancer curveball diagnosis, Core Magazine’s Managing Editor, Rachael Thackray, shares her insight into living with the “cancer” label, finding support and what her treatment plan looks like.

I found it difficult to be the ‘ill person’ because until that moment I had always been the strong one, both physically and mentally.

Finding Support

In the hopes of breaking down taboos and helping others who may be in her predicament, Rachael decided to share her story and speak openly about her cancer journey. This led her to meeting Matt, another local man who had also been diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer around the same time as Rachael. Matt and Rachael found comfort in knowing that they were not alone and could help each other through the healing process.

Matt and I instantly related to each other’s journeys…he started chemo a week before I did so we support each other through each other’s challenging weeks.

Her Treatment Plan

Rachael is following an integrative medical plan that incorporates chemotherapy and naturopathy. This approach targets the cancer cells, as well as supporting and strengthening her body throughout the chemotherapy process.

In addition to the chemo, I take a powder in my smoothie each morning which helps reinforce my gut lining that has become weakened by the chemo.

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