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It may happen that despite your best intentions to change things, you still can’t make any progress.  Talking to a qualified Psychologist can really help whether it be over your current situation or something that may have happened 10 years ago. Don’t forget, a problem shared is a problem halved.

A Psychologist can help if:

  • You often feel sad, struggle to find pleasure in life and find it hard to get motivated
  • You are constantly worried, anxious and stressed and this interferes with your enjoyment of life
  • You’re in a relationship that is suffering from a loss of trust, feelings of resentment, repeated arguments or a lack of intimacy
  • You lack self-confidence and/or self-esteem and this stops you from doing the things you want
  • It might also happen that you simply feel vaguely dissatisfied with your life, you feel as though something is not quite right, that your life is ‘out-of-balance’
  • You’re struggling being a parent and find it hard to deal with your child or teenager’s behaviour

Medical rebates are available

Kissun Clinics would like to provide you with an affordable and professional Psychological service.  Suzanne is registered with Medicare Australia and Private Health Funds meaning rebates are available.

In order to receive a Medical rebate you will need to visit your GP, who will access your eligibility and can then prepare a Mental Health Care Plan for you.   You can ask your GP to give you a referral.