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NanoEPA Emulsified Fish Oil + Vitamin D and E


425g available in lemon creme or mango peach flavour.

How To Enjoy: Shake well. Take 2 teaspoons daily or as directed by your Health Professional. Can be taken straight or mixed into water, juice, milk, yogurt, or added to your nano shake. Children under 12 take half a serving.

When to take : nanoEPA is great any time of day. We love to take ours first thing in the morning to increase awesomeness and give you what you need to take on the world.


Liquid Fish Oil with Vitamin D and E Complex + Tocotreinols Delicious Fish Oil with All the Omega-3 Benefits And So Much More!

nanoEPA is a solution for those who need omega-3 fatty acids in their diet (which is everyone!). When you taste the nanoEPA emulsified fish oil in both lemon creme and mango peach flavour, you will find it hard to believe it is actually a cod liver oil supplement. It is so creamy and delicious, it tastes like dessert on a spoon! Even kids line up at the fridge for it. Even better, there are no fish burps or fishy after taste, and this liquid fish oil supplement is 300% more absorbable than pills.

And like all of the nano range products,  additional supplements are included to give you optimal health benefits whilst keeping your supplement stash minimal. The addition of vitamin D, a vitamin E complex and tocotrienols to the nanoEPA mango peach has created a power-packed health supplement. Absorption is also enhanced for better results.

Studies have shown that essential fatty acids (EFAs) especially omega-3 EFAs can reduce inflammation and improve your immune system and brain function. Until now, the best way to get omega-3 EFAs was by eating wild, fatty fish or taking large unpleasant-tasting fish oil pills. Now there is a liquid fish oil alternative: nanoEPA, a delicious, omega-3 fish oil with Vitamin D and E complex and tocotrienols.

Product Details:

Fresh caught, wild sardines and anchovies are used that are purified and distilled. Each batch is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pcbs, dioxins, lead and mercury. Quality is everything, especially now when clean sourcing is scarce.

Not only is nanoEPA of the highest quality, it is like 4 products in one and eliminates the need to take these extra supplements separately:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E complex
  • Tocotrienols

What is emulsification?

So, what makes our fish oil so creamy and delicious? The secret is called emulsification, a process that breaks down the nutrient oils into very small droplets, which allows all of the ingredients to stay blended together. Emulsification also allows for 300% more absorption, so you get more bang for your buck. One teaspoon is the equivalent of 3 large fish oil capsules.

Product Benefits:

  • Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Balanced hormones
  • Improved joint function
  • Healthy heart and brain function
  • Radiant skin, hair and nails
  • Powerful antioxidant protection
  • Healthy immune function
  • Anti-inflammatory protection against disease
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic health
  • Cellular protection and nourishment

Because nanoEPA offers you the benefits of omega-3 fish oil without the fishy taste, we are sure you will love it. Try it in lemon creme or mango peach flavours (both incredible!)

For further reading on the many health benefits of EPA/DHA fish oil, see this article.

To confirm if your health would benefit from taking this supplement, call our clinic on (07) 4946 7910 or make an appointment online with our Nutritionist.  We offer in-clinic as well as phone/Skype consultations and are here to help get your health and vitality back on track!

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Lemon Creme, Mango Peach