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Kissun Clinic’s primary aim is to provide you, the patient, with scientifically validated treatments, advice and supplements to bring about good health in the Whitsunday community. We are the only natural health clinic in the area able to provide you with a diverse range of prescription only natural products which we source from Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. We are able to offer you consultations in a number of different modalities including;

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Natural Health News

    • SEPTEMBER 11, 2011
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    Stop Counting Sheep – Tips For A Better Sleep

    Stop Counting Sheep – Tips For A Better Sleep

    Did you know almost 10% of the Australian population suffer from insomnia? Often at the clinic I hear clients talk about irritability, fatigue, poor concentration and clumsiness. After questioning we both come to the agreement that it is a lack of good quality sleep causing this. Even though 6-9 hours of sleep is recommended, the

    • JANUARY 2, 2011
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    One Week Healthy Dinner Plan – Try It!

    One Week Healthy Dinner Plan – Try It!

    Clients often ask me “What should I eat for dinner if I don’t have much time to cook?” Here are 7 nights of tasty teas that are quick to prepare, full of variety and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Make extra and take to work the next day for lunch! Recipes are written

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