Are you Triathlon ready?

As locals and triathletes look forward to the upcoming Airlie Beach Triathlon Festival (Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th August 2019), one question springs to mind:

Did you know Osteopathy can help you get triathlon ready?

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy which focuses on the correlation between the body structure and the way in which it functions. The Osteopath uses a holistic treatment approach, with the emphasis on the importance of the musculoskeletal system in a person’s health.

The ultimate aim being to support the body’s self-healing capacity.  

Osteopathy can help you get triathlon ready by preventing triathlete injuries

There are three planes of movement which the body works in: the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane. When training and competing in a triathlon, the body is predominantly in the sagittal plane.

Dominance in one plane can lead to muscle weaknesses and imbalances in the other two. This is where individualised treatment and instruction from a qualified Osteopath can help.

Pre and Post Triathlon Treatments

Exercise rehabilitation and pilates

Advice regarding training ergonomics and rehabilitation, with the aim to strengthen and condition the neglected movement planes, may assist with injury prevention and elevated performance.


A combination of joint articulation and soft tissue manipulation to treat ailments and injuries that triathletes frequently suffer.

Don’t let this niggling injuries prevent you from performing at your best!

Remedial Massage

Fatigued and tight muscles are common when training for a triathlon (three sports – that’s a huge demand on the body!). Muscle fatigue that’s poorly managed can increase risk of injury and decrease performance.

Remedial massage can help alleviate these complaints, enabling a speedier and more effective return to training.

Remedial massage can help you get back to training for the win!

There’s Still Time

So if you’re gearing up to participate in this weekend’s triathlon, make sure your body is in top condition and know that Osteopathy can help you get triathlon ready!

There’s still time to book your appointment to see our Osteopath Jo, at the Cannonvale clinic – phone 07 4946 7910 or book online here.

** For more information on the festival and how to enter, check out

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