‘Man-opause’ Men experience hormonal changes too!

Men go through a change in life too. Just as women go through menopause at the average age of 52, men also experiences changes in their body as a result of lowered hormones, although in men changes can start to occur as early as 40 years of age.

No subject is taboo for me when working in health care. I feel that it is important to talk about our hormones and recognise the signs and symptoms of lowered hormone levels in men as well as women.

Men rely on the hormone Testosterone for the following functions:


-mental clarity

-maintaining healthy muscle tone

-sexual function and libido

-to maintain a healthy weight

An imbalance in testosterone levels can often begin with increased weight around the tummy, elevated cholesterol, less interest in sex, fatigue and loss of muscle tone. Some of these symptoms can start to appear in males aged anywhere between 40-55. Some men, however, suffer the effects of hormone loss due to lifestyle and diet factors.

The most important thing to remember is that testosterone levels MUST be tested before herbal or pharmaceutical treatments are commenced. As a practitioner of integrative medicine, I must know the levels at the start, before treatment, then again at three months to check the progress. Levels are measured by blood pathology or salivary hormone testing.

Let me tell you a story about Nathan. He is an accounting specialist working in Sydney at a well known IT company. At 47 years of age he is feeling the stress of younger graduates coming up through the ranks as well as new technologies he must keep up to date with. He drives from Western Sydney to North Sydney five days a week for work and once home only has the energy to eat and sleep. There is no time for exercise and weekends are taken up with activities with the children and family events.

Poor Nathan is suffering terrible stress. This has risen his cortisol (stress hormone) levels and his heavy evening meals and diet high in caffe lunches, white rice and milk coffees have caused his cholesterol levels to raise significantly. The two whiskeys each night he feels are well deserved after a long day but have unfortunately caused a mild increase in liver enzymes meaning his liver, being the filtration system of the body is only working at 70%.

Nathan’s testosterone levels were alarmingly low when tested in May of this year. He told me that “my body doesn’t feel the same…my stomach is getting embarrassing, and i’m starting to feel depressed”.

Fast forward three months later. Nathan took a prescription liver detoxification medicine blended at my clinic, as well as herbal testosterone and prescribed herbal medicine to help manage stress. All three medicines were important because without cleaning up his liver and reducing his stress, the testosterone medicine many not have worked effectively.

Nathan reported the following: “I’m feeling strong, confident and I have find it easier to wake in the morning. I have lost 4.5kg in 3 months which doesn’t sound like a lot but i have gained muscle in my arms and chest while losing centimetres off my gut…”

If you are reading this and feel a hormone check up may be useful for you or your partner, get in touch with us and we can guide you towards better hormone health.

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