Give Yourself Limitless Energy

If you had limitless energy what would you do? How would your relationships be different? Home life? Business? Your physical body?

With limitless energy, goals are a simple thing to achieve.

In regards to health, I strongly feel that if people had more energy in their day they would have more motivation to eat better, exercise and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Top Tips For Limitless Energy

Here are my five top tips for boosting your energy levels in an incredible way:

Take a powerful B Vitamin Supplement

I have been taking CardiOz by Kissun Pharmaceuticals for the past ten years and it has allowed me to power through long work days, weekly interstate travel, running my businesses, exercise, take my dog for runs – and now look after my baby!
B Vitamins are often depleted in busy people. When we lack B vitamins, it can increase feelings of anxiety, memory issues or a lack of mental clarity. Remember, energy is everything so I challenge you to try a good quality B Vitamin today.

Drink enough water

When you start feeling tired, chances are you are probably dehydrated. Our brain is 70% water, therefore how do you expect to feel energised and motivated to vacuum the floor, cook dinner, help the kids with their homework and enjoy quality time with your partner if your brain is dried up and dehydrated? Aim for 8-10 glasses a day. Go have a glass now!

Start your day with some water

Make lists

A simple piece of paper or an app on your phone are both great ways to list what needs to be done today, in a week and for the next three months. A basketball game without goals is a boring game of people running around a rectangle bouncing a ball. Life is like that for a lot of people – running around, always feeling overwhelmed and busy without eyes on the goal.

Making a list and being solid about your goals creates clarity and helps you focus your energy.

Don’t forget, goals come in many forms. Financial, social, educational, spiritual and health goals should all be considered, written down and celebrated once completed.

Play music

Studies have shown that certain music increases productivity, so why not use that to your advantage? Wake up to some upbeat music that makes you feel energised. While cooking, play music that makes you feel strong and motivated. You will be surprised… you may be more inclined to take more effort into creating a healthy meal, you might even feel like dancing!

If energy is everything, music is a beautiful way to tap into that energy and make the most of your day.

As I type this article, I have my inspirational playlist on Spotify rattling the walls of my home. And, yes, I feel energised and I’m typing faster!

Eat less

Shape your hand into a fist – this is the size of your stomach. That means your meals only need to be the size of your fist. Any more food will have you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable.

Most of us eat far too much.

Energy does not come from food, it comes from our mindset first and foremost. Once you decide to eat less, you will find yourself to be more choosy about the foods you consume. Fresh vegetables, eggs, fish, avocado, nuts, lentils and fruit will be the star ingredients in your meals.

Your Goal

I encourage you to try my list above for just three days. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of energy you have!  

If you feel like you need further help with changing your dietary habits, meal planning or general general nutrition advice, come in and see one of our Practitioners who have accreditation in both Nutrition and Naturopathy.  Book online here.

If you feel like your lack of energy might be due to another underlying issue then give the clinic a call on (07) 4946 7910 and our friendly receptionist can help you figure out the best person to see.  We are a holistic health clinic and offer a number of different modalities!

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