How’re your kidneys?

Our kidneys are responsible for removing waste products from our blood. They also assist in balancing the levels of minerals in our body. If we eat too much salt or don’t drink enough water, it puts a huge strain on the kidneys. Kidney damage can lead to weak bones (osteoporosis), high blood pressure and even life threatening diseases.

Prevention is the best medicine. Salt, dehydration, coffee, tea and alcohol will cause kidney problems if we are not careful.

5 tips to good kidney health

-Drink at least 2 litres of water every day, with most of this consumed before 3pm

-Reduce your salt intake by half. Train your body to enjoy food with less salt and season foods with pepper, cumin, cayenne or dried herbs instead.

-Are you taking calcium, bi-carbonate or mineral supplements? Get them checked by a Clinical Naturopath to make sure they are not harmful to your kidneys

-Eat more parsley and corriander. These herbs have amazing kidney detoxifying ability. Tabouleh salad or coriander chutney seasoned with lemon juice (not salt) are great ways to detox.

-Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice in the morning. It will boost digestion, speed up metabolism and detox the liver and kidneys. What a lovely way to start the day rather than tea or coffee.

Signs of kidney damage or disease

Fluid retention is a common sign. If you have swelling in the hands, face, ankles or feet then I strongly urge to to see a Clinical Naturopath as dietary changes can often fix these symptoms. Swelling can be an indication that the kidneys are not filtering correctly.

Lower back pain is often dismissed as a muscular issue, but I often see patients in my clinic who have lower back pain and only drink 2-3 glasses of water a day and are therefore extremely dehydrated. By increasing water intake to 2 litres, the pain is gone as it has given the kidneys a chance to filter correctly.

Excessive or difficulty in urination, a foaming appearance or a change in colour (dark or red) can indicate kidney damage and medical attention is required.

Dry skin and rashes are often treated with cream and lotions but poor skin is often a sign of problems on the inside. Both the kidneys and skin help to eliminate toxins. Do you have dry, unhealthy looking skin? This is a good indicator that your kidneys need help.

Fatigue is also a sign of kidney issues particularly when there is heavy metal toxicity present. Smoking, chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers all affect the kidneys. See your Clinical Naturopath or contact Kissun Clinics if you would like to conduct heavy metal testing. All we need is a sample of hair which is sent to our laboratory for testing which can be organised over the phone without having to visit the clinic.

If in doubt, get tested! Contact us at the clinic or visit your GP or Clinical Naturopath for further kidney testing. Hair Mineral Analysis, Kidney pathology, mineral hydration testing and blood pressure testing are great ways to learn more about the health of your kidneys.

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