Health Talks At Local School A Success

Our in-house Naturopath Racheal Lee has been visiting a local school in the area to educate and empower the young girls on how to Embrace Their Menstrual Cycle!  

By teaching the girls to view getting their periods in a new and positive way, educating them about how they can support themselves during the different phases of their cycle and helping them to feel empowered and in control of the choices they make during the month and how they take care of their feminine health has proven to be a huge success in the school community!

One parents feedback:

“…Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter valued this session with Rachel.

It has been humorous this week to hear her speaking in such positive terms about her femininity. 

…this has been a significant shift for my daughter who has not wanted any conversations about her body or puberty.

…It is so lovely to witness the shift in her attitude to puberty and change. I have no doubt it has created a great foundation that will benefit her for years to come.

Thank you so much.”

We were so thrilled to hear that the health talk HAD SUCH A PROFOUND AFFECT on this young girl that we have decided to share the most invaluable parts of the talk in an IGTV MINI-SERIES!

Due to go LIVE ON WEDNESDAY with the first episode “Did you know? Fun facts about your period”.  Make sure to join our Health Community on Instagram so that you don’t miss it!  And if you know a young girl who may benefit from this series, PLEASE SHARE this information with them too.

💮 Let’s educate our next generation of women to feel empowered by their menstrual cycle.

💮 Lets help them to understand their hormonal changes throughout the month so that they know when to speed things up or slow things down. 

💮 Let’s support young women who are transitioning into womanhood by celebrating and talking about our periods.

💮 Let’s be the change! 

– Racheal Lee, Naturopath.

If you would like to speak with Racheal and learn how to Embrace Your Menstrual Cycle, book an appointment today.

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