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  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Gentle Relaxation Massage

  • Whole Food Facials

Natalie is a Qualified Massage and Beauty Therapist, completing her education in Beauty Therapy, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, and Australian Bush Flower Essences. She has previously worked in pharmacies and health food stores, which complemented her interest in health.


“I have a passion for natural health and beauty and am glad to be a part of the Kissun Clinics team!”


Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massage

Using therapeutic massage techniques, we release tension and knots from the deeper tissues. This helps improve movement and reduce pain.⁠

⁠Hot Stone Massage⁠

For a Truly Relaxing Experience, you must try a #HotStoneMassage! The smooth stones are gently heated to a tolerable temperature and then massaged over the body (with oil), transmitting the heat deep into the muscles…#bliss!⁠

Whole Food Facials ⁠

Your Face, Neck & Décolletage are Cleansed, Scrubbed, Massaged & Hydrated using only the freshest whole foods. Think Cooling Cucumbers & Soothing Rose Petals, your skin absorbs the vitamins & nutrients instantly! ⁠

Hot Stone Facials⁠

Treat your face to a Deeply Relaxing #HotStoneFacial. The gently warmed, smooth stones are placed on specific points on the face, & used to massage the neck, décolletage, shoulders & arms.⁠