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  • Where Health Meets Happiness

    Where Health Meets Happiness

    As featured in Core Magazine If you are looking for a place where your health journey can become empowered, energised and positive, then you will have found it when you walk through the doors of Kissun Clinics. Proudly choosing to do things a little differently, this integrative health clinic is fully backed by medical science

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  • Drink From the Fountain of Youth

    Drink From the Fountain of Youth

    You may have heard/seen us talking about our NAD+ infusion and wondered just what it is we are talking about? Well, known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is actually an essential coenzyme found in every cell of your body. It plays vital role in energy metabolism and maintaining proper cell functioning, making it essential to have

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  • Why I Introduced IV Therapy to Kissun Clinics

    Why I Introduced IV Therapy to Kissun Clinics

    Being able to provide patients with the most potent forms of medicine has always been a priority to me. While liquid herbs and practitioner only supplements are powerful and have their place in treatment, my chronic disease and oncology patients sometimes require more.  I had the privilege of working with an integrative oncologist who used intravenous vitamin

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