Calcium On A Dairy Free Diet

The recommended daily intake of calcium is 1000-1300 mg daily. Many people (especially those on a Blood Type O or A diet) feel better when they stay away from dairy. Some may be lactose intolerant. This means that our stomachs do not contain the enzyme “lactase” to help break down lactose in milk. In the lactose intolerant dairy can cause bloating and cramping.

Calcium from dairy makes some people bloated.

But what about our calcium levels?

Many people ask me this and my response is usually

“4 little sardines gives you the same amount of calcium as 3 glasses of milk”!

In Australia we grow up to believe that consuming a glass of milk, piece of cheese and tub of yoghurt every day is good for us. Well, for some people it’s great but for others it can cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal problems.

Why do we need calcium?

We need calcium every day for a strong skeletal system, and is also required by the body for mood support, nerve transmission, muscle relaxation and even helps control our weight.

How much calcium do we need?

Have a look at the list below of calcium containing foods and think about how you can reach at least 1000mg per day. If you are not reaching this amount, this is where you need to supplement with a good quality supplement. If we do not get the required amount of calcium each day, osteoporosis can become an issue later on in life.

Did you know, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men will get osteoporosis! Half of these people will suffer a spinal or hip fracture by the time they reach 60 years of age.

Some examples of calcium rich food

Listed below are examples of the calcium content of foods. Please take a look and work out a way of consuming at least 1000mg per day.

If you cannot make the quota of 1000mg, take a good quality calcium supplement.


4 Sardines, 572mg

3 Dried Figs, 150mg

Aussie Soy Milk Lite, 1 glass, 260mg

Calcium fortified Orange Juice, 1 glass, 300mg

Tahini, 1 tablespoon, 85mg

Almonds, 25 nuts, 70mg

Brazil nuts, 7-8 nuts, 55mg

Sesame seeds, 2.5 tablespoons, 290mg

Vegetables, 1 cup average, 10-50mg

Tofu, ½ cup, 130mg

Soy Beans, ½ cup, 90mg

Light Ricotta Cheese, 1/2 cup, 300mg

Fresh Fruit, each piece average, 10-30 mg

Nuts and seeds, green vegetables and fish bones are very good sources.


So Remember…

☑ half an hour of sunshine daily to ensure enough Vitamin D for calcium absorption.

☑ 15-20 minutes of weight bearing exercises daily to prevent osteoporosis.

☑ Speak to your Naturopath Rowena about a good quality supplement if you think you need it.

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