Bowel Health

Bowel health is not often spoken about but very important for our overall health. We as naturopaths believe that bowel movements should occur once or twice a day. Any less than this causes a number of different issues including:

  • Bloating, gassy pains
  • Fatigue, memory and concentration issues
  • Headaches
  • Unhealthy skin
  • Inability to absorb vitamins and minerals effectively

The most noticeable effect of constipation is the bowel toxicity present in Live Blood Analysis. A person with irregular bowel movements will see patches of proteins and endo-toxins within their blood. This is also called “leaky gut syndrome” and occurs when constipation creates a damaged bowel lining.

The bowel lining is the place where vitamins and minerals are absorbed from our food into the blood. If this is damaged due to constipation, it can prevent our bodies from absorbing the nutrients it needs. This is why constipation causes headaches, fatigue, bloating and other health issues. It can even affect our ability to concentrate.


At Kissun Clinics we have four effective products available for:

People with a sluggish bowel – you may be going to the toilet every day but don’t feel like you are having a complete movement, or you may skip one or two days in the week. Your product is LAXATONE

People with a sluggish bowel and require help with weight loss – you are familiar with the symptoms above but also need a product with the added benefit of weight loss . Your product is PERISTAL

People with chronic constipation – you have suffered chronic constipation for years, with bowel movements only 2-3 times a week. Your product is LIQUID HERBS (containing Senna Pod and Slippery Elm).

-People needing a general bowel cleanse – you have recently travelled overseas or indulged in bad foods and feel the need to get back on track and give your bowels a gentle clean out, as well as inhibit bad bacteria. Your product is INTESTAMINE (containing mastic gum, glutamine, aloe vera and more).

All these products contain natural ingredients which will not cause a lazy bowel or cause you to become reliant.

Talk to us at Kissun Clinics, we can help match the appropriate product to your needs.

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